Monday, 9 August 2010

Letter to BBC Technology

Note: This is a bit of an aside, intended in a more serious manner than the previous posts in this blog. There isn't much to laugh at here, beyond what the BBC terms "journalism".

Dear BBC Technology,

I'm quite frankly irritated by the standard of the Technology section on the BBC News website. It often seems like the authors of the articles do not take the subject seriously. Although I recognise that these articles have to be accessible to those who are not technologically-minded, in many cases the BBC leans towards a human interest angle. While articles of this nature are occasionally a worthy read, there needs to be more discussion of technological aspects of topics, something I would have thought is the most obvious thing to do.

I was intially intrigued by the article on fashion meeting technology, but it descended into banal nonsense about people making jewellery out of circuit boards. This method of mixing fashion and technology fails to make use of the technology inherent in circuit boards, so it does not really warrant being covered in such an article. There are plenty of websites that select worthier topics of interest in the technological spectrum and cover these with more gravitas than the BBC. That said, it is entirely possible to take a more relaxed approach to technology journalism, while informing readers and introducing them to new concepts, as Ars Technica formidably does.

I hope you can take these comments on board and make an effort to increase the standard of your technology coverage, otherwise you will certainly be losing this particular reader.

Yours sincerely,


PS: Don't get me started on how pedestrian Click is. If people want to find out about websites they can go online and do that; Click should make a more serious attempt at introducing people to new technology.


  1. *applauds wildly*
    Ars(e - no, I'm not too mature for that) Technica seems good/interesting/useful :)

  2. Yes, they can go on about Apple a bit too much but their coverage is interesting to read, as well as being informative.

  3. I echo the calls for a revamped Click. The show is so patronising. Obviously it is intended to be viewed by those with an interest in technology, but some of the content is aimed at absolute beginners.

    Sometimes they do interesting reports, like the one on the technology behind the World Cup, but generally it's painful to watch if you have any knowledge about computers or gadgets.

    Good letter though. When compared to websites like Engadget and more dedicated technology journalism websites, BBC News Technology is laughable.

  4. As a licence fee funded programme, Click has to have broad appeal; the BBC has a funny idea of what this entails though. I thought the botnet report they did a while ago was excellent journalism, but it's presented in a less than professional manner. Technology is the future, so it should be taken seriously.

    I doubt they'd have articles about people making vases from test tubes up in the Science section, so why circuit board jewellery?!